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Added by overlord - about 2 years ago

Called for lunch after reading previous reviews on this site. Good service. Very good beer. Fabulous food. Outstanding prices. So impressed were we that we also called for dinner the same day... same story. One of my all time favourite pub experiences.

Beers Available

Lancaster Bomber

Added by BENJO - over 9 years ago

Once again another great show of guest cask beers.I tried the Morrisay blonde ale which i had never heard of and it was really good.The pub was really busy but the service was good .

Beers Available

London Pride - Fuller\'s
Red Amber - Smiles
Nutty Black - Thwaites
Blonde Ale - Morrisay
IPA - Chalenger
Hookey Gold - Hook Norton

Added by BENJO - almost 10 years ago

Visited the Saddle this lunchtime mainly to get an image of the pub but decided to have a pint and a sandwich.The bar was a sight for sore eyes with six cask guest beers,most of them i had not seen before as well as the two regular beers Bass and Thwaites.I had a pint of Summer Sunshine which was top class,i was sorry to have to leave after just a pint but we shall return later in the week and hope there is still some left.

Beers Available

Summer Sunshine - Old Mill
Rev James - Brains
Goden Newt - Elgoods
Honey Beer - Bezone
Geordie Pride - Mordue
Waggledance - Youngs